MidiPiano 2.03

Turn your keyboard into a MIDI piano

MidiPiano is a little application that turns your keyboard into a piano. Play and record music in Midi format. View full description


  • Works instantly
  • Turns your keyboard into a fully functioning piano


  • Customization and editing are tricky


MidiPiano is a little application that turns your keyboard into a piano. Play and record music in Midi format.

When you open MidiPiano, you'll see a 'virtual keyboard' with a Piano Roll window that will show you what you record, and let you edit it too. This isn't a complete recording app or anything like it, but for beginners looking for a cheap way to play with a piano keyboard, MidiPiano it's pretty good.

The main problem with MidiPiano is that editing the keyboard layout isn't easy, and the midi editor isn't as user friendly as it could be. The midi sequencer, Piano Roll, should be much easier to edit - deleting wrong notes is simple, but adding new ones is less so!

If you want to turn your keyboard into a simple, synthesized Piano, MidiPiano does the job. With some practice it's not too hard to play, and is a good basic introduction to the world of music making apps.


  • Fixed record track issue, can import to other software now.
  • Add record option form.
  • Fixed record issue when use MIDI Deivices.
  • Add Midi-Event display.
  • Midi Player core enhanced.
  • Simplify main GUI.
  • Add auto group function.
  • Enhanced keyboard setting.
  • Change Hands setting.
  • Volume defect fixed.

MidiPiano is a very simple and useful application, with which you can open MIDI files and play them in a virtual piano keyboard. It also allows you to record MIDI files by the virtual keyboard or using a MIDI IN device.

Here's that MidiPiano has to offer:

  • Supports MIDI IN/MIDI OUT devices
  • Simple to Play and Record MIDI file
  • Different color for tracks simulate hands
  • Supports 128 GM Patches selection
  • Supports customize keyboard layout
  • Supports plugins with user message



MidiPiano 2.03

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